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Carbon Fiber in Outdoor Sports Gear

Carbon fiber, celebrated for its lightweight, high strength, and resilience, is increasingly adopted in the world of sports.
  • Lightweight nature
  • Incredible strength 
    and rigidity
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Fatigue endurance
  •  Providing personalized solutions 
  •  Professional expert team
  •  Advanced production technology and equipment 
  •  Sound quality management system
  •  Flexible production capacity
  •  Rapid response capability
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OEM/ODM Customization Process
Client Briefing
CAD models, detailed blueprints, specific requirements, physical prototypes.
Mold Preparation
Design molds based on the blueprints or the physical product provided.​​​​​​​
Material & Method Selection
Choose the right carbon fiber tow & weave and appropriate production process.
Produce samples using the designed molds and chosen materials, test quality & accuracy, refine based on client's feedback.
Mass Production
Initiate full-scale production including layup, resin infusion, and curing.
Quality Control
Inspect and test finished product to ensure it meets requirements & quality standards.

Application Cases

Hockey stick

Hockey stick : Carbon fiber field hockey sticks offer advantages over traditional wooden or alloy sticks, including high strength, stiffness, lightweight design, speed, precision, good vibration absorption, and customizable design.

Hockey stick

Bicycles: Carbon fiber material can be used to manufacture lightweight and high-strength bicycle frames, wheels, and other components, improving the speed and handling performance of the bicycle, allowing riders to ride more quickly and flexibly.

Hockey stick

Ski equipment:   Carbon fiber material can be used to manufacture lightweight and high-strength ski equipment, improving the stability and control performance of the equipment, allowing skiers to ski more smoothly.

Hockey stick

Windsurfing: Carbon fiber material can be used to manufacture lightweight and high-strength windsurfing masts and fins, improving the speed and control performance of the windsurfing, allowing windsurfers to maneuver the board more flexibly.
Unleash unparalleled performance on the ice with the Advanced Strength Carbon Fiber Hockey Stick – a fusion of groundbreaking material science and ergonomic design tailored for professional gameplay.
Unleash unmatched speed and precision in your game with our Carbon Fiber Table Tennis Bat, engineered for peak performance and unparalleled durability.
Elevate your game with this premium 100% carbon fiber pickleball paddle, tailor-made for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.
Experience superior safety with our Carbon Fiber Riot Shield, combining state-of-the-art material with ergonomic design for frontline defense.
Experience the next evolution in baseball with our Carbon Fiber Baseball Bat. Merging strength, lightweight agility, and superior grip for unmatched game-day performance.
Carbon fiber is widely used in various sports equipment, including tennis rackets, golf clubs, hockey sticks, and bike frames. These products utilize the lightweight and high-strength properties of carbon fiber to enhance performance. Carbon fiber sports equipment provides improved power, control, and maneuverability, allowing athletes to excel in their respective sports.

About Us

Zhongxinzhi (Hangzhou) Innovation Technology Co., Ltd is a company founded in 2023 that specializes in customized carbon fiber products and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles.

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