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Carbon Fiber Home Decor Advantages

1. We have a team of top experts from the furniture industry.
2. Advanced production equipment and processes.
3. Strict quality control system.
4. Flexible production capacity.

Application Cases

ZHONGXINZHI (HANGZHOU) INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY CO LTD has extensive experience in the furniture field, whose major applications include:

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Making tables: Carbon fiber is a very light material, much lighter than traditional wood, metal, and other materials. This makes carbon fiber furniture more convenient to produce, transport and move, reducing human resource consumption.

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Manufacturing shelf: Carbon fiber has higher strength and hardness, more durable than traditional materials. Carbon fiber furniture can withstand more weight and pressure, not easy to deformation and damage, long service life.

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Manufacturing bath bully: Carbon fiber has good corrosion resistance, not easy to moisture, decay, rust and other problems. Carbon fiber furniture in the wet environment to maintain a good surface conditions, not easy to damage.

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Making wallpaper: Carbon fiber can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different designs and styles. Carbon fiber furniture can be polished, paint, spraying and other processing technology, with high plasticity and decoration.
Overall, ZHONGXINZHI (HANGZHOU) INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY CO LTD has extensive experience in the application of carbon fiber materials in furniture manufacturing, and is able to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance carbon fiber products and solutions.

About Us

Zhongxinzhi (Hangzhou) Innovation Technology Co., Ltd is a company founded in 2023 that specializes in customized carbon fiber products and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles.

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