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Carbon Fiber in Medical Applications

Carbon fiber, known for its biocompatibility, non-toxicity, and mechanical properties similar to human bones, represents the potential of next-gen medical materials.


1.In recent years, the demand for high-precision design and machining in medical devices has surged.
2.Simultaneously, a significant reduction in carbon fiber costs has paved the way for the broader application of carbon fiber composites in the medical industry.


1.Radiation Equipment: Carbon fiber components, such as bed panels for X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds, have become standard due to their non-interference properties.
2.Orthopedic Devices: Carbon fiber's strength, wear resistance, and compatibility make it ideal for orthopedic devices, offering a more natural feel.
3.Wheelchairs & Stretchers: Valued for their lightweight and strength, carbon fiber has transformed these auxiliary medical devices, making them more user-friendly.

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Zhongxinzhi (Hangzhou) Innovation Technology Co., Ltd is a company founded in 2023 that specializes in customized carbon fiber products and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles.

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